The Bellotto Pose company is involved from over 35 years in the installation of floor and finishes in the building sector.

Specifically, we manage , working installation on buildings like this:

- Public (military installations, hospitals, churches, offices) ;

- Private (apartments, houses, villas );

- Commercial (dealerships, block of flats, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants).


In our multi-years experience, we specialize in the installation of various types of materials, including:

- Ceramics;

- Mosaic;

- Marble;

- Natural stones, rebuilt;

- Porphyry;

- Betonelle.


The Bellotto Pose Company has also a working experience abroad, including countries in the north African and Asian markets (Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Israel) and CE (Luxembourg, Germany , Austria).


We have a motto and it is “Passo Passo”, in fact, we follow all our customers, from the beginning of the work, with advice sometimes small, but effective, without changing the original idea of the orderer, but simply trying to assimilate material/ideas/desires, in order to to complete a work performed in a state of art and according with the building harmonious style.